Re-parenting a SharePoint Designer workflow to a different list

Op Andrew Noon’s Blog vond ik onderstaande post over het kopieren of verplaatsen van een SharePoint workflow.

Before I start there is a good guide to transforming a SharePoint Designer workflow to a visual studio .net workflow here: Porting SharePoint Designer Workflows to Visual Studio.  This will allow you to package a workflow up as a feature and deploy and use it in multiple locations in your farm.  However for simple deployments you may want to stick with SharePoint Designer, if you do – read on!

Within the same site:

So you’ve got a workflow and now you want to either move it to another list or attach it to another list at the same time.  The list you want to attach it to is in the same site.  You would think there was a way of associated a workflow with more than one list but in fact there isn’t and to some degree it’s understandable.  A lot of the actions you define in the workflow are specific to the library you are working with, even if you were to abstract your logic away from the list then SharePoint Designer links actions such as “Current Item” properties to the underlying list.

So, unfortunately it’s not as easy as just editing the configuration XML file:

[workflow name].xoml.wfconfig.xml